ITI-007 report from company January 2016

A report from Intracellular Therapies from January 2016. The report is from the company’s point of view.


Checked out their website, too:

I like that they seem to be very focused on reducing side effects to help people stay on meds.

I will have to wait until it comes out, and then some other company is allowed to make a generic, and then I would try it, heh.

What’s the development status for the EU… It says on UKMI it’s “unknown” but what the hell does that mean? I’ve contacted intercellular but no answer…

Will be willing to give this a try when it comes out if it is within my price range.


I’m just thinking of the side effects. What will be the side effects of 007? It might just be a good medicine, or it could be just another antipsychotic with terrible side effects! I’m not getting my hopes up but I’m watching it closely.

If its approved in USA late 2017 or later, then the European commission might consider it a year or more later. It won’t be soon.
it will be very expensive if its approved.
some of the side effects will be relatively good. The company is implying good weight side effect, but they could be wrong since first trials have been short.
Also, none of us know how well it will work on us.

It still seem to make you gain weight. Probably from blocking the d1 and d5 receptor or from the Sri effect. I’d like to see an antipsychotic that helps you lose weight like adderall. Until then this med will be a life saver.