Iti-007-303 Clinical Study - my results so far

I’ve been on a study since the end of October. I’ve been reading @Saywhaat posting about the one she started. So today at the study sight I asked for a copy of my consent. My hunch was correct, I’m on the same study. My experience with ITI-007-303 is that it is even better for me than my previous study med, a monthly shot of Invega. My thinking is clearer, I’m doing well with both positive and negative symptoms, and I’m sleeping well. What I like most is that I’m more active on this med. Not quite as much as the Invega, but still able to keep up with my responsibilities at home. I was on 10 mg of Fanapt inbetween studies, but was more sedated, required more sleep, and my thinking wasn’t as clear. My girlfriend thinks I’m doing my best ever since I started the study. Around the holidays I had mild symptoms and other issues, but I get that every year. Especially when I spend a day at my parents house, where my sister and her husband and kids live.


You seem to be doing great. That’s good to hear.


Thanks for the info.
Have you had any weight changes?
Were you on sleep meds before?
Good luck going forward.

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Less appetite, but no real change in weight yet. I’ve been eating more junk and meat lately though. No sleepers, but I have both propranolol and Benedryl on hand. Propranolol makes me drowsy sometimes, but I hardly ever take it anymore. 50 mg of Benedryl always helps me sleep on the rare occasions I take it.

This is awesome that we are on the same study. How long is your study for? Glad to hear it’s going so well for you.

Hi @Saywhaat. It’s a little over a year. I just reached the 3 month mark on January 30th. I’m doing visit 12 today.

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Nice! Mine is the same length. I have my next appointment tomorrow. Glad a lot of the side effects I experienced in the beginning went away. Did your dreams change in the beginning?


Thanks for updating.

Any sexual dysfunction?

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Now that you mention it, I did have some pretty weird dreams. A few times I woke up when I got frustrated with my dreams and stayed awake so I wouldn’t return to them. But that seems to have faded, I’ve been sleeping well lately. I can go to bed at a reasonable hour and wake up at a good time the next day. If I sleep in, I have trouble sleeping that night. Once I stayed up almost all night and had to stay up all day. But of course, that night I had no trouble sleeping lol.

Yeah my crazy dreams woke me up too. That all stopped a week in. Did you have any other side effects you noticed in the beginning? Or anything now?

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Is your propronalol supposed to be taken PRN? It is one of those medications you have to take exactly as directed, or else it could have very dangerous consequences. Usually, it is prescribed daily.


My psychiatrist prescribed it to be taken twice a day, to prevent akasthesia. But I noticed I wasn’t feeling restless anymore, so I just kept it for a PRN. I could ask my doctor next time i see him if that’s okay.

Nothing I’ve noticed. Not sure why, but after I stopped using alcohol and drugs, most of my old side effects seemed to dissipate the longer I was med compliant. When I took certain meds, stuff like akastesia and dystonic reaction were more common, but when I was on Fanapt and the study drugs afterwards, i really didn’t notice much.

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No sexual dysfunction on the study med… When i took a larger dose of Fanapt (24 mg), I couldn’t get an errection very well and I couldn’t ejaculate. But when I went down to 112 and then 10 mg per day, i got all of that back.


Thanks, really appreciate it.

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I would suggest calling and asking the on-call nurse. Taking propranolol inconsistently can cause an irregular heartbeat, which can be life-threatening.


Thanks @ninjastar.

Please note: message attached

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I did not receive any attached message?

Propranolol is prescribed PRN for use before speeches and musical performances. It is very unlikely to cause a problem.

This is very interesting and I’m looking forward to this med coming out, pls keep updating us