Italy’s voice thread

There was no question in my mind that is was real they were so real and convincing but I think that’s what sz is really like. I don’t know I hope anyway.

Honestly pal ive read alot of your posts a while ago. Apparently you insulted a top guy in ira at your work then thats when voices came. For you i think the voices was just all in your head mate honestly, how would a scumbag terroist have that kinda tech you had a few coincendencs and thats what it is just coincedence thats my opion take from it what u will

Ownie told me to kill myself, Anthony too. There was also talk of murdering my mum after I felt it in hospital. The voices played that off like it was them trying to trick me

I absolutely respect a log or journaling as a therapeutic device. It is wise to retain anonymity for all parties involved. Do not encourage your own delusions you know? Italy, I’ve heard it is beautiful. You are from Ireland yeah? You really had this amazing piece of bark under mud that ages a certain kind of “liquor”. The cellar is useful with barrels.

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Two slices of soda bread
Big dinner
Two biscuits and one sweet

Ownie telling me to kill myself in hospital and at home.

Ownie said; can he fight at the start which makes me believe it was real

Il punish you for marking me look bad after I waited outside for him and he didn’t come.
Your not going joining the provos Italy. Ownie wouldn’t take me on to the disgust of Anthony

Wait there Italy I’m coming down to meet you now. I left quickly thinking he was coming

Did voices come back? You were doing fine, I remember

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Eyes looking up happened while I was hearing voices in hospital too

Hi om! No they didn’t I’m just having another episode where I think they were real so I’m writing down memories of why I think they weren’t or which suggests they weren’t. I have this thing where I think the voices I heard after I got out of hospital weren’t real but the ones before were real so I write down any tricks they did to me after I got out of hospital which the voices I had before also did so that would disprove that theory

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In hospital Anthony said he’d killed thousands. Told me the only reason I could hear him was because I did drugs when I was younger. After hospital : Anthony said he can look back at us, Noel said no he can’t, Noel was in charge of the mind control knew how it worked more than the others

After hospital;He knows we bugged terrestrial tv as well. Ownie said why don’t you just go on the run tonight Quickly. your too sick to join Italy.
Anthony on the phone to somebody saying they signal was very clear when I went into my sisters room to watch tv.

After hospital:Anthony said that’s our mindreader to his boss Unnamed person seemed to be Anthony’s boss there now I had booked my tickets and he said to Anthony he’d be ok if he went on the run. John also scared me by telling me I was in a lot of danger because Anthony’s boss was now watching me too.

When I escaped hospital and went to London the other John said he knows we use the blacks. Also said the provos are out in force tonight

Is it all me? Am I really that sick
After hospital: Noel saying you can’t be pardoned because of your father. Ownie saying your father was an embarrassment to the provos and also saying can still see out of his eyes can ya.

I can’t pardon him he knows about the TVs would anthony really have stayed up all night and said you’ve not lost John. The whole end of hospital was a big setup. After that all nighter with the voices Anthony pardoned me and John told anthony to make me hear voices only one night a week that’s before they went quiet. The sz made it so I would think it wasn’t the medicence that stopped them

Anthony really didn’t like being called thoughts.
Iv got the curse for you.

Remember listening to news talk sport anticipating the voices or listening to the voices in my room in st pats. What a night I was in for

I run my life now every decision every bit of entertainment I can now fully focus on. The voices were nothing, just a reaction to too much stress. I need to take any power they think they have away.