It was the American doctor's way to drug birthing mothers

Knocked out cold and we babies were born drugged. A mother who had a baby in Europe and then in the US, wasn’t expecting to be knocked out. The disappointment she felt was described in her book. No sensation, no excitement. Just feeling dopey when they did wake up. My mother lied about it. She was proud. I don’t think it’s standard procedure anymore, thank goodness.


My wife wasn’t drugged. Sure would have been easier if she had been, let me tell you.



Sometimes easier doesn’t cut it.

The husband is just fine with it. This whole notion of the father showing up for the birth is, frankly, uncivilized.

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Sometimes I wish my father had never showed up. I might call you lucky at this point. Your father was gone, right?

Hah. My mom didn’t have any idea who he was.

She was the town bike.

I still envy your fatherlessness.

I was there for the birth of my twins.

I just stood at one end of the table and massaged my wife’s head. Then one popped up from behind the blanket…then two! It was all like a surreal dream!

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Giving birth tomorrow. Being induced. If be mad if i was knocked out and missed it. They have various pain relief options now.


I was drugged. The doctor recommended an epidural and so did my brother. My brother said his wife has no pain.

I had to give birth in the operating room in case twin B (my son) moved from a head down position. Twin A (my girl) was the first one to come out.

I was so drugged that I could barely feel the contractions. There’s a picture of my son after the birth and his eyes looked drugged.

I was not knocked out and still remember the birth from November 2007.


I had five emergency c sections. I didn’t mind being drugged one bit. Should have demanded more.


My mom made up for it by dating violent perverts.

My wife grabbed onto my shirt while she was getting her epidural. She thought it was my shirt. She actually had the skin of my chest bunched up in her hands and she had cranked tight on it for five minutes and wouldn’t let go. Like four days later at home my entire chest is black and yellow and my wife be all WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?


For the birth itself my wife pushed hard against one of the stirrups on the table and actually broke it, at which point the nurses told me “grab her leg.” Yeah, that was great, she kicked me onto my ass at least twice during the delivery and I felt like I had been trying to steer wrestle after.

I told her any other kids were gonna be by c-section and please phone me the following day to let me know how it went.



All I know is my baby was facing the wrong way, and I have a very small pelvis. My baby came out naturally and I was NOT drugged. I tore from one end to the other PLUS I TORE A LOT ON THE INSIDE! I was hemorrhaging, in other words, I was so torn, I almost bled to death. The stress of it all injured my heart as well. Yes, I wish I had been drugged. It was excruciatingly painful.


Ouch @CoCo. That sounds painful. I forgot I tore a lot too.

I felt bruised inside for 16 weeks.


I had epidural that went in my back, I had to have a C-section, if I EVER got pregnant again I’d have an epidural with C-section again


Really hoping that today doesnt end in an emergency c section for me. Its just i have a.boystrous 2 year old that likes to jump all over me so recovery from that would be very hard.

Its nice to hear all of your stories. My first pregnancy and birth was all smooth sailing. But this one has been very different. I shall keep you all updated. I am being admitted to hospital at 2pm.


As long as the baby and the mother are not hurt by the drugs I say, by all means, drug them. From what I understand, giving birth is one of the greatest pains a person can experience. They ought to let the issue of drugs during pregnancy be decided by the doctor and the mother, mostly the mother.


@Qwerty , I hope my story doesn’t scare you. Just remember, my OBGYN failed to realize my pelvis is too small for natural childbirth.

Then, the resident who was taking care of me during childbirth (she never told my dr I was in labor) failed to realize that not only was my pelvis too small, but my baby was facing the wrong way. Then, she failed to check my oxygen levels which put a huge stress on my heart,

In other words, they were incompetent. And my baby and I suffered as a result. Your dr and her team might be much better

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