It was not that I was afraid of sex

I was more afraid of a boy’s personality.


There are a lot of girls I would rather not be around. At the place where I live I am content to leave the women alone, and they can’t deal with it. Most of the women in this place are highly sexed. One time this girl told me, “I don’t want to talk. I just want to ■■■■.” I didn’t oblige her, though. She was huge.

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Some women just like men prefer no strings attached sex.

Im a 6 foot 5 47-year-old bloke. And yet there is still a couple of women half my age i feel intimidated by and avoid lol.

I never was interested in sex, but my mother was concerned i am gay. These days i masturbate to fill in time, but its getting boring. I am so excited what i will do instead, i haven’t got a clue.

You sound like my husband when I am mad. Lol! He’s an inch shorter than you!

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