It Was My Twin Daughters Birthday Yesterday

They just turned 15 years old…boys…phones and Shopping Malls!

So I wrote in my shy girl’s birthday card…

The best part of getting older is that you eventually become who you truly are!

Then I wrote in my rascally girl’s card…

If a thousand people tell you otherwise, always follow your heart. It will forever lead you down the right path.

As their Dad, I’m still trying to instill fatherly advice in them. I know teenage years can be difficult. I guess you just do your best and keep your fingers crossed. :sunny:


wow that’s great !! good for you @Patrick


They are spoiled. Both sets of grandparents gave them $100.00 each. That’s $200.00, plus my wife and I gave them each $100.00 and then my little sister gave them each $50.

So they each got 350 smackers for their Birthday! Now they can go to town at the Mall and Starbucks.


That’s great! @Patrick

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I was 15 years old in 1981. Aaah…those glorious 80’s…don’t get me started! :wink:

Painter pants…stoner jackets…kodiak boots…an explosion of musical creativity…Adidas bags to carry your school books in…but I digress.

Rotary phones…



Wood Paneled Station Wagons…


Cool station wagon. Funny I dont see those on the road anymore.

sounds like a wonderful birthday for your twin daughters. happy to hear this news and thank you for sharing your happiness with us. @Patrick

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