It was more delusional to be non delusional?

I’m thinking back and although delusions are just that, delusions. It kind of makes more sense that I believed in them than believing in nothing at all. Like I did in 2010. In a sense the delusions gave me a certain type of level of insight. Is it possible that delusions can make you more sane in the long run. Or Is that another delusion.


Delusions contain a small truth in them.


I think they can contain a bit of truth, but with it a large amount of falsity too that invalidates them altogether and makes people think we’re batshit crazy but in the end we’re closer than outsiders observe. Sometimes at least.

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My microchip delusion is pretty much gone. I think you’re right though.

I agree with om that my delusions have some truth to them given we are like ants to the aliens, in my case…

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I’ll take that to mean you sold out to psychiatry and no longer believe the truth.

I’m not delusional, and I may be implanted. Yeah, I take meds, but once you know what’s going on, you can’t unknow it. Free Sheri!

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I dont sell out to ■■■■ Im just tired at times and its fighting more than anything because I battle trying to find a balance between my thoughts, health, and the world and meds.

Once you’ve gone off an edge you can never be 20/20 with your vision anymore

you can be something
which resembles 20/20, when youre wearing your glasses and such, but never gonna be perfect vision again

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Haha. I somewhat agree with you. It got pretty “bad” for me when I was off meds. Started thinking I had half a brain left from a stroke or seizure disorder and all I had left were nanobot implants or a brain stem with nanoparticles left haha. It was mostly a thought pattern than a serious delusion but I found it a little disturbing to say the least. I’ve been having great dreams and such. Lots of sex and crap in my dreams…TMI? Can’t blame the schitz or the meds for that!

Anyways, I haven’t sold out to psychiatry – mostly. I need the meds and can only get it from the doctor. I still fantazise about Adderall and such…Vraylar ain’t half bad although I’m on the max dose, which sucks.

Probably off topic. I do find you interesting, funny, and I respect you. I think I can relate to your thoughts and beliefs somewhat. You ever time travel? :smiley:

@daze what I more mean is like I used to feel my mind was empty/blank. Then I got supplied with delusions. They made me more attune to the universe and whats going on and fill my mind with things. Sure some of it affected me way negatively. But in the long term its better than my 20 year old very young pre-developed self who wasn’t very aware of much going on and therefore it was more delusional to be that way than to believe in synchronicity and stuff.

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no, nothing like that but I did read The Time Traveler’s Wife, and saw the movie,

I thought it was very well done, the book was better of course.

I can’t talk a whole lot on here what’s going on, I’ll get suspended for encouranging delusions. pisses me off.

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I think I understand what you’re trying to say, sorry, I was responding Insidemind.

My delusions I made connections that weren’t real, like I put 2 and 2 together,
totally believed it. It took my family to convince me I was wrong, then it hit like a ton of bricks, I ran away and locked myself in my room.

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