It was a nice gesture

So I went to the gas station on the corner for a soda, it was about 8:30 pm.
It was the usual problems with other cars and people. In a bizarre way, It’s normal for me. But I was waiting to pull out of the gas station and there was two cars in the lane I wanted to get out in. I was t-boning them. They had a red light so I was going to wait until the they left when the light turned green and then I would pull out, but the second car suddenly started backing up in his lane.

It was happening slowly and I was watching this, thinking, “What’s this guy doing”? He backed up a car length so I made eye contact and it was two teens in the car. They gestured for me to pull out in front of them. So I waved and pulled out. It was amazing, it was just out of the blue but it was a nice, cool thing to do on their part. I guess it counted as a
“random act of kindness”. I rarely see people deliberately act nice in cars. I know it was a small incident but I thought it was worth mentioning, not everybody acts like jerks all the time.


I love hearing stories like this

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Share your own bruce.

I cant think of any stories a stranger has been nice to me off the top of my head. I know people are awesome though! :slight_smile: I like how the strangers in nicks story are teenagers. Good values at a young age

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