It was a different time, a different era

15 years ago when I came back from the US to my little town, it was a different era. I and my father did some nice things such as making self-made sparkling wine. You may have not made any sparkling wine, but it is easy. Basically after you have bottled self-made wine in the end of the fermentation, you add a little sugar to this wine bottle and then you close its cork tightly. Soon after some time you’ll get nice self-made sparkling wine. It is easy and you may use many berries to do this such as aronia berries. blue berries, red wine berries, strawberries and many other berries. Many city people do not know how to make this self-made sparkling wine. Soon it will be again May Day, the 1st of May.


It is actually nice to have old videos, we named my father ‘Wine Maestro’ and in one video he is explaining the process of making this self-made sparkling wine, today he is alive but at the elderly care facility, those were different times back then, nice to have these old videos.

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Back in 2002 my father’s brother made also self-made wine, but one can use only berries to make this self-made wine, but he, my father’s brother, added some potatoes to his process, which is not allowed, well he died already 10 years ago, but this was a little secret he had in his process. With potatoes he was able to increase the alcohol percentage much higher. Well, it was his secret and I suppose I can tell it now after he has been dead already 10 years.