It used to be a bad word, 'expert'

it may be changing though.

kinda find it hard still with credentials on their side
to think they’ve really lived in the real world.

I think personally I have street smarts.


Yeah, especially us as sz have to be streetwise or my last shirt is taken off me. I don’t carry cash anymore, all card.


I hadn’t this amount of money for a long time. You won’t believe i get mugged by the government. No discrimination but they are liberals.

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yeah, the love and hate with the gov. still get commercials on t.v. against an opponent, and this was months ago.
gotta wonder where the money comes from, my wish is to stop all this and give to CF.

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Australia got money like hay, its rotting in a few bankaccounts. I wish i got so much confetti to throw around.

I’d be life in the time of Riley. yeah, here it’s been terrible loans. idk.

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Yes i know. Sorry daze, its getting to political, but when money would solve our worlds problems we wouldn’t have any more problems. I don’t know whom we owe the money to… We got food and such.

When used properly ‘expert’ isn’t a bad word. The word that’s more problematic is ‘influencer’ . I’ve yet to see a less than good looking ‘influencer’ .

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I took a sociology class many years ago. The teacher gave us a list of common social fallacies.

The one that always stuck in my mind was, he wrote a book.

It actually makes a lot of sense.

I could write a three hundred page book about tectonic plates and go on talk radio and people would believe I’m an expert. Even though I have no formal education in geology or geography.



What An Amazing Theater Group You Gal And Guy Have Become.

Tim Burton Would Be Proud!.


Everyone is an expert these days.


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