It turns out you can freeze baguettes and croissants

I bought a bunch of them and can take one out of the freezer and once it warms up it’s completely fresh.

Let that quash any rumours that my life has become a bit boring :grinning:


What do you think a frozen croissant would be like to eat?

I am curious…


Ever hopeful, I literally ate a croissant as you were making this thread. My mom gets specials at the grocery store on croissants if she buys them in bulk and freezes one and refrigerates the other. So this is true

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It’s rock hard when frozen so you probably couldn’t eat one !

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I usually freeze baguettes and croissants when I get them.


Geez, Im late to this freezing party. I thought I’d discovered something. Everybody’s doing it lol. :grinning:


LOL… Yeah my friends freeze Pita bread. :smiley:

But I don’t really. My freezer is full of yogurt ice cream :smiley:

Do you buy croissant from a bakery or grocery store?

I have not found good croissant place here. The only not too bad one is french bakery I like the cheese one the best and the almond one second.

In Paris airport I did not even like the croissant. It was not good.

I saw Ladurée but was not in the mood to buy macarons.

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I buy from a grocery store. I get plain croissants. Everything gets delivered!

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yeah this delivery is a lifesaver for me too.

I like to toast a plain croissant and put inside turkey and swiss cheese. when they melt, it is good.
Next week I’ll order some croissant too :smiley:

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