It took awhile but I just completed an online application to a security company


I’ve worked for this company about 5 or 6 years ago

and I called them up this morning and she said I’m eligible

for rehire and needed to apply online

it took me over an hour to complete it

but she said they had openings right now

so I knew I wasn’t wasting my time

I’m hopeful. I took the first step.



Congratulations @Daze
What will you do in this company?

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she didn’t mention the particular jobs

but the website said things I’d like

either a canine handler or a school crossing guard

but I put in I can check in trucks too, that’s what I used to do

the school crossing guard would be great, cuz it’s probably

just 2 hours in the morning, and 2 hours in the afternoon.



It does not concern me much, but good luck in whatever you want to do.
I want to leave Israel, I am desperate to leave Israel.

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Wow. Congrats. This is good news.

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I’m good at it too.

It should pay about 10 dollars an hour to start.

crossing my fingers.

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That’s really cool @Daze! Hope they give you something you enjoy to do. Best wishes!

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Great news! I hope you get the position you want.

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Yeah good luck @Daze!

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