"It takes more faith to be an atheist than to believe in God."

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That’s gotta be one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. Atheism, or a-theism, is “without (a) theistic belief (theism).” There is no faith involved, but rather, the LACK of faith.


An atheist can’t have faith in God but can have faith in the Universe.


No it isn’t.

Theism, the belief in god.

Atheism, the belief that there is no god.

Agnostic, not knowing either way.

There is only three to choose from.

arguing with a religious person is pointless, you may aswell talk to a wall because you will get nowhere, thats why i dont do it no more…just talk to your fellow atheists let them believe in an imaginary person who loves them…


Well to be fair to religious people, some people need that. I used to be highly religious, but I was in so much pain I probably would have prayed to the Fruit Loops Toucan if I thought he would make it stop.
I kinda see diesm (or my understanding of it that God made everything and is just kinda kicking back and letting us run things as we see fit) because if he was the miracle kind of God why won’t he stop our pain? Why are we even like this? Why do some people get miracles and others don’t? Does he just love them more?
I also see a little faith in my atheism (this is just me though). We have proof of the big bang, molecules, ect. but I don’t understand them. I understand the theory, but not the math that constitutes proof. People make mistakes with math all the time. We are just sitting around hoping that Einstein was wrong and things can go faster than the speed of light, otherwise we will never see worlds outside our solar system in one person’s life time unless it is through a telescope.
I have never measured radiation. I have never seen any of Jupiter’s moons (though I have seen Jupiter), so I am kinda taking these people at their word.

I agree with you chordy. It takes great faith to be an atheist than believe in God. The greatest sense is not to follow militant atheism. Maintain respect for God.

an athiest will probably say they believe in themselves or science,

if a person did not believe in anything they would probably have no thoughts or anything,

everything we say is a belief i think, you need to believe something in order to say it, do it or think it

even unwelcome thoughts are beliefs but these are beliefs that we do not want and have no control over.

thats what i think anyway

Nah I think deities are just anthropomorphizing humans to the nature of causality and the universe. I for one was raised Catholic and thought it was simply shared psychosis the whole time. I was told that there was a man who created everything. I just was like “then where is he and why does he not help me?” I was molested and had a near death experience as a little boy. Watching people pray is like watching an umedicated schizophrenic just killing time. I am actively atheist, I believe that western religion does more harm than good, but I adore eastern religions because they are more like philosophies than religions. And Buddhist monks dont rape little boys.

I don’t believe in things, I either know things or I don’t. Belief is basically choosing to tell yourself something is true despite a lack of evidence for it being true. I’m a scientist, I don’t do that and I don’t really think that most highly intelligent people do. They might go along with beliefs but it’s rare to find a seriously bright or genius level IQ individual who actually believes anything. There are a lot of closet atheists out there. In particular, most people who study psychology or neuroscience, especially neuroscience, are agnostic/atheist. My honors into to neuroscience teacher told the class he was an atheist just so people wouldnt ask redundant questions like “how does free will happen if our brains work like this?” or “Do we actually make choices? Does free will exist?”

You dont mix beliefs and facts. They’re polar opposites of each other. Like oil and water. I like to say “Yes, Jesus existed and was a good person who changed the world” but I can’t say “He’s more than a person”. And Christianity may be good for some, but Christianity and Islam have also been responsible for the deaths of millions of people. That’s a fact, I made an A in honors world civilization and the teacher drilled that into our heads. And guess where that prof got her Ph.D.? Notre Dame, THE Catholic school.

In short, being an atheist is just being rational. Some people are born rationalists. I know I am…I test for extreme rationalism on multiple inventories, for example I am an INTJ according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

And how is a belief in Odin and Thor any different from a belief in God, Jesus or Allah? They both inspired people to slaughter one another, that’s what the history books will tell you. They do more harm than good. I am a good person, I go out of my way to help people and have my own problems which I handle and don’t blame others for, and I am also a person who lacks beliefs. Sure, some people’s lives are improved today by believing in deities. But it’s a fact that more lives have ended in murder due to believing in deities. That’s why beliefs are like oil. They lubricate some peoples brains and make them well-oiled machines, but they’re better at starting fires and destroying things.

I have strong opinions on religion because I come from a Catholic family and I am a scientist, a schizophrenic, a bisexual and a psychologically and emotionally scarred individual. If you ask me, religion is like your sex life- keep it to yourself or your close friends who want to hear about it. Just dont go telling everyone that what works for you should work for them. Like I go around telling my friends “I like asian or redheaded women and athletic or slim men with rugged good looks, you should only have sex with, date or marry someone like that”…No, I don’t.

When you are an atheist or agnostic like I am, you place your faith in yourself or other people. When you are a theist or believer you place your faith in an invisible deity that may or may not exist. I like my way better