It shouldn’t be closed

In America the gym is open ? Here every single gym is shut. Exercise bikes and most gym equipment selling out fast.


Its closed here in Canada.

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They’re open here like you said. They have to not have more than 25% capacity. Almost everyone keeps their mask on. The employees do tell those people to put them back on though so that’s good.


When we first went into lockdown over here the fitness stuff was moving faster than toilet paper! Things like free weights were selling for overinflated prices and were as rare as hen’s teeth. We have more gyms open now but still a big market in personal fitness after last year.


Open in Alberta, but with restrictions. Can’t have more than 15% of fire code capacity in terms of customers inside at one time. Only one-on-one sessions, no instructor led groups. A lot of us unhappy about this now that the variants are taking hold and no mass vaccinations happening until at least this fall.


Yea in Quebec its closed I meant, in my region of Quebec.

They are open in certain states of America. In Arizona they are back open with a mask mandate and a low capacity requirement.

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