It seems to me astro-naughts have a lot of ass

Our 5th grade teacher was older and used the old fashioned word “naught” for zero. Just another pun.

i just saw that exact same post on Answerbag. stalkers no internet stalkers no less

It’s ought the is no “n”

Do you mean that the correct would is ought, not naught? Because I might be misremembering.

I find myself using the word ‘nought’ more than zero!

Hey. I just got it!!


I’ve always heard, read and used the word as 'nothing" or 'does not happen" as in Come to naught not zero…though I understand that is an American term, whereas the nothing term is old English…



        Nonexistence; nothingness.

        The figure 0; a cipher; a zero.


        All their work was for naught.


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Now I don’t have it again.

Actually I saw the original Apollo space capsule in The Smithsonian in Washington DC. Those astronauts had to be tiny to fit in that thing.

having a lot of ass means one is courageous.


Which is different from getting a lot of ass.

Or being one! Or owning one.

I don’t know the expression “owning my ass”. Please explain.

A donkey! Owning a donkey. Lol.

I hpoe you didn’t take offense, I’ve been hacked many times maybe just my imagination… ought is zero as i use it :slight_smile: