It seems that I get a shrink and treatment team again

I’ll just tell you that my case was too problematic to go without a treatment team. My old mental worker let me quit Ziprasidone 1 1/2 years ago and that good deed she did there will I always remember here for. I’ll also remember her for her kindness of letting me alone the last 5 weeks so that I could tapper down from 900 to 600 mgs qutiapine.
So yes I’ll always remember her kindness and I hope she will keep her job for many years to come and I thank the gods of good fortune that I met her.
So as you know I’ve brought danger
Into this forum by talking tapering for month and I realized that when 5 of you wanted to go off your meds.
So this time I have requested a tuff mental worker that supports me to stay on the dose of meds I’m on currently.
So now you know.


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