It seemed like ripping families apart was good for doctor's business

Because of so many cases of people going to a psychiatrist and ending up divorcing.

My psychologist wanted me to keep paying him even if I was going out of the country to live. Telephone sessions he said. He was somewhat mad at me for leaving the sessions.
A lot of our time during the last weeks was talking about why I shouldn´t leave his counselling, that I was not prepared.
I think I don´t want to have a psychologist again.

I suppose that’s the problem when you pay for health care.

The problem we have in the UK with the NHS, is that there are waiting lists of +12 months to even see someone for psychology, and then you’re lucky to get more than 10 sessions before you’re cut off.

The autism assessment for someone referred from a non-specialist was 24 months.

We might not pay for it here at point of use, but you could be in desperate need and because mental health services here are so understaffed and underfunded, treatment is slow and can lead to unnecessary hospital admissions as they usually only react properly when things reach a crisis.

I have tried to get them to intervene in early stages of psychosis, but they never pay any attention.

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