It’s Wednesday

Up for another day, as @Lifer would say.

Have a post-op appointment in Baltimore. Then will stop in at an eyeglass place to look at some new frames, if I’m feeling up to it.

That’s pretty much the whole day for me.

What’s everyone up to today?


Absolutely nothing if I can help it!

I do have my groceries being delivered later on though.

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Been raining here since last night. Briefly went out to buy some mineral water and pretzels (lol).
Now watching Guardians of the Galaxy part 2.

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My church has started in person services for people who have been vaccinated, and it’s two weeks past your second shot. I’ve been working on getting a reservation, and I’m now signed up for April 25th.

Anyway that’s what I have been doing this morning.

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I also want to stop by the eyeglass doctor for some computer lens

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Well my old glasses still work. I signed up for dental/vision insurance and might get a new pair when I go in for my annual eye exam in December.

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I’m planning on visiting my neighborhood thrift shop then hitting up the grocery store for something for dinner tonight.

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And packing!

That’s my plan for basically the rest of the month,

Definitely the next few days.

Hopefully we get most everything moved by Sunday.


Taking care of my puppy as usual!


well for some reason now that I have everything ready for gumbo I am hesitating making it…I think it’s the chef knife chopping necessary…I don’t like knives…

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