It’s psychosexual at home; I’m sorry it brought out my worst

I can back it up… it brought out my worst on gender.

When you get abuse(d) my theory is you take it out on the opposite sex. (Majority wording but I mean well).

Both men and women want to feel heroic; like heroes to their loved ones.

That statement says things about me; but could it really be so far off for the aggregate of people.

I’m tired of having a delusion toward a man who was a sex object and mamas boy.

Isn’t that motive for my Dad in this ‘three’s company’, ‘three to tango’, type living arrangement I keep spending time immersed in.

Could the pain I feel be deliberate. Why is he always the sheath to my sword. That’s a cartoon analogy. And lastly why does it happen cartoonishly often like a rule instead of an exception.

I trust I didn’t make mistakes here this morning. The aforementioned should provide a decent explanation of all things me.

I found a hobby for the time being anyway… And funny is I think I’m communicating better on here due to it.

I can back it up. What’s the name of this software again. Do we wish and wait for people to make mistakes

I just… don’t want to think so hard; and all the time.

And illustration of why the psycho sexual thing could be real is that ‘I don’t want to have sex; I want to stop having sex (in perpetuity.)

Healthy scenarios don’t cause a first born son to come up with ■■■■ like that

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