It’s official and other things are looking up as well

Andrew ordered my new acoustic guitar from the Long & McQuade in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and it should get here in a couple weeks. Also, I saw both my psychiatrist and case manager on Monday and the latter is going to look for a new cleaning lady for me. This week I’m in the packaging department at work earning some extra money. I ordered a Lili Reinhardt poster from Amazon Canada that should be here by Saturday. And, as if things couldn’t get any better my landlord replaced the broken down washing machine in my building and I think I’m the first to use it! :grinning:


Wow! Your disability covers cleaning?! Not mine!

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No, my disability doesn’t cover cleaning, @ZmaGal. We paid the first lady out of the money in my Mom’s estate. But my case manager is allowed to look for one for me.

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Oh ok. That makes sense

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I got a cleaning lady

My mental state doesn’t allow me to fully look after myself as I should

Step father says I should be ashamed of myself for not keeping my place clean

I ignore him but take some offence

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