It’s my Sz that WARPS my perceptions on Gender

You got to hand it to me I deserve an ‘E’ for effort. I’m more political (women’s feedback anyway) and less philosophical so I’ll keep that in mind.

Read till the end but I’ve always felt more like a British Red Coat in the Revolutionary war, getting my head handed to me by Gueriila war fare.

Heavy is the head that wears the crown(I know) and as a visage of all things majority it IS heavy at times in that way. Leaders or public figures have detractors. If you have enemies it means you stood up for something once in your life. (That’s Winston Churchill; for what it’s worth).

But bear with me… this feeling is so severe that it’s akin to Bruce Willis in Die Hard 3 when he’s (under duress) and is forced to wear a racist sign in a black community.

I think just like the Truman show, a lot of us with Sz recall that scene one way or another. (Just a theory of mine).

Along that line do you ever think that Sz is part of the masculine side of the Ying and Yang?

It forces us to give up our position and ask the feminine to have a dance… (that’s still relevant today.). The burden of proof is on us. That resonates as a Sz.

And I think that maybe men are divided and feel more alone which ironically in the latest Star Wars script says that’s how the empire prevails… just saying things are adversarial out there.

Women aren’t going to hurt me for saying all this though. That’s a mans game. Still sometimes I’d like to put forth that men as an aggregate, are more scattershot along the spectrum of good and evil… or at least other separate positive takeaways. But I don’t feel like women allow that rationalization.

I know community and tribes are smaller, but I’d like to know some more nurturing and less (you name it).

Lastly a social worker(lady) said the feminine and masculine need to forgive one another. I guess that’s a good spot to end.

(My previous published thoughts show I have a lot to say. But are we bridging gaps, and engaging in dialog? Because that would be respectful and feel more ‘Equal’ from the shoes I’m in, or if you need it, the bed I’ve apparently made in my life.

I oscillate with this “offense” of mine and it’s weak of me. I guess I just got hurt by girls in my lifetime! And it’s harder for a male to say… which sounds fair in my mind; and bare minimum it’s raw; and reactionary of me, which I view as a boon on most occasions.

I think this is a good example of how rigid gender roles and sexism hurts men just as much than women. Men are taught not to be open with their emotions and affection. Women are allowed to hug, cuddle together on the couch, compliment one another, vent about their days, ask for emotional support, and all the things that are good for mental health. Too often, our society looks down on a man who does those things. As a result, men can feel very isolated and alone in their struggles, and confused about how to ask for help.


Thanks Ninja! I’ll be brief with this and say you inspired me to drag @Rellik back. He reminds me of myself with judgement errors… and regrets on not taking heathy type risks historically. Nonetheless I’d be a happier camper if he didn’t give up on this site.

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