It’s because I like hamburgers

That’s why I will not exercise. I will die fat and ugly like a pro


I love a good burger. Still. I exercise a lot because it’s an investment in your health and most things I do don’t cost money. Exercise can be addictive in a positive way and it’s something worthwhile doing. Yes. I eat a lot of good burgers but I even that out for sure.


But I hate exercising it’s not fun

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Getting fitter, feeling good and for me helping me compete with normals is fun enough. It isn’t a chore is what I’m saying. I look forward to exercise now and just do it.

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i’m getting a BK tonight :slight_smile: cant wait for that nice juicy burger and fries, bbq sauce and a cherry coke :slight_smile:

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Damn I am so jelly

But you have to do lots of stupid things to get fit. It’s not cool

It’s very popular and cool where I live. People like fit people here.

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Good for you. I just don’t care how I look.

I didn’t eat hamburger in half a year :sob:

Try eating a burger in the morning then and then have some kind of meal replacement for lunch and dinner like a smoothie or something.

I just skip dinner altogether and that’s all it takes for the weight to come off.

But if you don’t care about the weight… Then just eat the burgers.

At least though eat them slowly (assuming you don’t?) and savor every bite and tell yourself it was good and satisfying.

I eat all kinds of ‘unhealthy’ food but weight isn’t an issue because I eat just enough and eat it slowly. Also I eat regular portions.

But again… you don’t have to.

I wouldn’t push yourself to excersize if you don’t want to. It won’t work well. It’ll feel stressful and boring.

If you ‘try’ to do something you don’t want to … Think about it: how is that even supposed to work?

If ‘you’ can’t get on board to want to do something then ‘you’ will just resist doing that thing. And resistance just feels like trying to move a boulder that otherwise could feel like a feather to someone else who actually wants to… yeah?

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Yeah. That’s how I will do


i’m going to go eat my lovely delicious burger, have fun :joy: :hamburger: :hamburger: :hamburger: yummyyyy


I’m allergic to beef :sob: I haven’t had any beef since at least 1989. It tears my stomach up and I get the worst diarrhea, even worse if I get too much of it, so say i get something cooked in leftover beef fat/grease i throw up horribly. I never got bit by that tick that cause a red meat allergy, cause i can eat pork. I stick to poultry, pork, and fish.

My kids though would grind and butcher their own cows to get beef, lol. I buy beef for the house, those days I have a yogurt basically.

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I had a lamb curry BC I couldn’t be arsed driving lol

We’re taking kids to Beef-a-Roo for supper tomorrow, it’s a Rockford chain only. They love the cheese sauce they make in house and the menu is pretty much fast food. I get a deep fried pork tenderloin with grilled red onions on a bun, that’s it, lol. Dry ass sandwich. Kids try new stuff each time, and hubby might be in luck cause tuna salad should be around. Not that he’s religious, he just likes their tuna salad sandwich and it’s only during Lent.

But we are getting lots of cheese sauce for our fries, lol.

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I love lamb. Growing up we lived next to sheep fields. Mum would feel too guilty to eat lamb so we rarely had it


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