It’s a thing of survival

Yeah I always look pretty selfish in these situations, but I just don’t care anymore. With these constant threats and stressors I need to do what I can to cope which is shut down, act cold towards my family so they don’t interact, stop eating and drinking, sleep the whole day, and relapse to bad habits and self harm, because it’s the only thing keeping me going. My parents don’t care, they won’t help me, I need to help myself. Hopefully this time I can cause some large bruises on my body. I don’t care if I shouldn’t be doing this, it doesn’t matter what’s best for me, I need to do what I can to survive in situations like this


You should not do that, because it’s not healthy. I’m sorry I didn’t understand your whole thread. My honest advice is eat and drink. Maybe you can find another way to deal with your parents.

Eating and drinking is necessary for survival.


Sorry about your pain.

These are not coping strategy, they are additional parts of your stressors and problems. :confused:


If your causing large bruises on your body, this is because you wantsomeone to notice your pain and help you?
Can you be proactive and just ask for help from someone who might be willing to help you instead of damaging yourself and waiting to see if someone notices, because that may take too long to do any good for you.

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