It’s a no return

People who had been helped by meds and happily take them everyday are so lucky.For some people,meds only help then a little or they ain’t happy taking them but are still taking because of science and pressure from others are so unlucky.

Once your taking meds on a long run,it’s no return,you will need to take them for long term or forever until your dead so as there isn’t any rebound psychosis/relapses


That’s the conventional belief, yes.

But a cure could change that.

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I’m not happy taking them and only take them because of pressure from others.

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I consistently take my meds, but they don’t stop me from being recorded and followed


That’s like saying for a person with one leg once they start using a crutch they will need to use it forever.

It’s not going to be the case that they’re going to grow their leg back and that’s the fault of the crutch.

If you want to keep from falling over use the crutch. If you want to keep from relapsing take meds.

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I take ap because I think it helps.
But I am thinking it might be a plaster for me.

Hold the wound in place while it heals then I can take it off.

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That’s probably the best thinking…

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I mean it is not necessarily the case, but if I am lucky, it may be


The meds work on my symptoms, but I get unwanted side effects

Right now my prolactin is through the roof

I also have bad akathisia and I am not impressed at the idea of treating that with Benzos long term

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