It reminds me of the ancient days of castrati

The interest modern society has in the sex change operations. It is forming a whole group of people who are good for being used. Doesn’t it seem cheap of us?. Or are these people sincerely happy that way.

What do you mean? I’m confused?

I’m with noise. I don’t understand what you’re saying.

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That makes three of us.


@Noise, @anon1571434, In early Christianity, young choir boys were often castrated when they started to mature so they could be kept on as boy singers. Slaves were often castrated, called eunuchs. The sex change operation essentially makes someone biologically, sexually useless.

They can always go back (now days). They more often keep their male parts rather than cut down the tree and smash the coconuts.

But yeah I don’t know if they are happy that way. I don’t know any personally and have only met a few in my life. I would hope they are happy with their life.

I know such a guy, he developed a skin condition. My intrusive imagination thought it might be gods way of marking him or striking him down. #unusual beliefs.

I mean I’m pretty happy that way… And I have quite a few friends that are happy that way…

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Did you have the sex change operation, @Noise?

As much as I know most straight dudes wouldn’t give them the business, yknow? Because then you have to question your sexuality and it gets really messy. Or you just take that ■■■■ to the grave and let nobody know.

@Andrew, I think I understand you.

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I really hope this isn’t about trans people… this isn’t a modern issue there has been many people who identified as different or both genders for hundreds possibly thousands of years. The only reason people think it’s so common now is because it’s okay to talk about it and the internet is at your fingertips along with billions of others.

The same could be said about there’s more gay people in the modern history. But I wouldn’t say that’s true. Back then it just wasn’t safe to be out for most civalizations.

Anyways hope I’m misunderstanding your question. I wasn’t sure what you were trying to say.

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I know that gays were threatened. The reason they were called faggots was because that is a bundle of sticks used for firewood and gays used to be burned with faggots. I’m pretty sure both of my parent would have preferred to be of gay orientation if they had thought it would have been accepted. So, yeah. It always was, just buried by fear and hatred.

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We just said yes to same sex marriage in Australia.

I’m a straight person but have gay friends. If I had trans friends I wouldn’t think any different of them.

I think it’s a good world where LGBTI people have options and can live their lives the way they feel. It doesn’t affect my life so more power to them!


Well, I disagree with you a little in that I found the sexually frustrated individuals difficult to get along with.
I refer to Gerald Ford as the Michigan Lie.

I’m open to everyone trans, gay, whatever… but I think that having surgery to change your body is just another form of mutiliation. I mean the chromosomes don’t change so your still what you are when born. And having surgery doesn’t make you the opposite sex, it just makes you different.

The way I understand it trans people are suffering and a sex change operation helps alleviate that suffering.

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Some of it might be like that but I think it’s a case by case basis. I’ve never heard one trans person I’ve met online or in real life say they are suffering gender dysphoria. I hear a lot more that they feel like the other gender so they decide to be that for real. And that’s what I hear so I’m sticking to it.

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Feeling like the other gender reminds me of so often, before it could be tested, mothers would guess the child in their womb’s sex and be wrong. So, the fetus has a 9 month brainwashing that he is the opposite sex of who he is. So, who in that predicament would be strong enough to buck it?

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I’m not getting into that. I have no idea what that’s like to have a baby.