It really can be tough having a mental illness

Having a bit of a down day


You said you might increase your meds, is that still the case? But yeah. Ups and downs.

I’ve already increased from 40mg Depixol injection to 60mg which is every 2 weeks. Just been down in the dumps today because last night I wasn’t thinking straight.

i’m having a bad day. i’m lonely mostly. I hate when my partner works during the day. but I hate when she works nights even more. I get so lonely and sad so quickly.

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You sound alright today though. At least you didn’t act on anything last night (I assume) , so there’s no need to be down over that.

How’s the isub g going? I just ordered lots of spare heads in case they outlaw them next month.

I’ve just been sticking to the iclear 30s. Outlawing what, where?

There’s a thing called ‘the tobacco products directive’, which is an EU wide thing. It has to be implemented in may. It outlaws tanks >2ml in size and liquid >20mg. To cap it all people will only be able to sell 10ml bottles of eliquid.

I heard about only being able to sell bottles in 10ml size. Could they really ban the tanks? You could always buy from abroad?

EDIT: I think it will only apply to ready filled ecigs

Maybe you have Spring fever. There have been times in the past I was down because it was Spring. It didn’t feel good.

Yeah, I’ll probably import from the states. Although, there’s something similar happening there.

But no, unfortunately it applies to tanks that are not prefilled.

There is a legal challenge to the law, but it looks like it’ll fail.

I love my isub g. I have 3 of them as a backup and enough spare heads for about 6 months. So I’ll see what the marketplace will be like after that.