It occurs to me that i could get a women!

but i think being single is better than being with the women who would accept me. all the women i have a thing for are far out of my league, but for some reason i don’t want to settle and end up with someone only to be wishing i was with somebody else.

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You’re saying you don’t want a woman because you can’t get one out of your league?

in a way im saying im not interested in the women who are interested in me. so yes something like that.

In that case, I would say to keep looking.

I’ve dated people “out of my league”.

You just have to get out there.

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When you say “out of your league”, do you mean that you want to date women who you think are more physically attractive?

I’m positive I could get a woman if I tried. That takes more effort than I feel like putting forth. I’m super lazy.

Out of your league you say…well here is something that may buoy your spirits…

They probably feel safer.

Why would you feel safer with a less attractive man?

I am thinner than my baby daddy and am living with him for the kids sake. Being in this predicament makes me feel like I am not on the same hamster wheel as the women I see who have hot, in shape husbands. I don’t have to be a toothpick. I can be fat. I can look however the hell I want because I am not afraid of losing him and don’t really care.

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Less likely to leave you.

My husband is attractive.

Women flirt with him all the time.

I’m not afraid of him leaving me.

And I’ve had ugly guys cheat on me.

I don’t think looks have anything to do with it.

The article was weird and pointed to the fact that women think a less attractive man is more likely to do housework.

Doesn’t sound right to me.

But whatever, more power to ugly dudes, I guess.

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I’m not a woman so I can’t fully understand a woman’s psyche. I do have an inclination that’s the reason.

I can get all the women I want, but transport and storage are an issue. No room at all in my basement and Vlad’s trunk maxes out at three cheerleaders. Totally cramping my style.


That’s hysterical



I don’t think that may be all that realistic. There are other things worth more than “Leagues”

If you’re looking for companionship I don’t think there is a league of good companions, usually that refers to physical attractiveness and personal success.

How many girls have you dated that are “in your league” ? Maybe the “out of your league” ones are overrated?

I’ve never dated, but I also wouldn’t settle.

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