It not your butt she's looking at its the size of your wallet

wallet are a good give a way, why can they love me for me…



Maybe you can buy a gigantic wallet (even if there’s no money in it)?


Think your dating the wrong type of women!

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funniest thread ever. hands down. lol lol lol lol

hahahaha… lol… 15151515

My first date with my wife, I was going to cook her dinner. So we go to the store to get the stuff to cook, my bank card was declined, I was overdrawn and had no cash. She paid. Been together ever since, but now I’m the breadwinner lol


I ain’t saying she’s a golddigger, but she ain’t messing with no… something.


No, she’s looking at my butt.


It’s unfortunate my last “relationship” if you even call it that was exactly the same. I was never stingy when it came to food I paid for most meals and I insisted on it but I never gave it away in another sense. It was true I needed to save since dad passed away it became difficult so I expressed it to him. Wouldn’t say I’m rich but I’m not poor either.

looking at butt, but feeling out wallet. how you not notice?

tell them: “my eyes are up here, not down there!!!”

just kidding lol lol

They do look at your wallet, been on dates and paying at the end they eye out your wallet to see whats in it LOL,

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It’s also your butt. Stay fit. Rage against the dying of the light. Health is wealth. I would never date someone who is fat and dying. I can make my own money. I want a workout, healthy diet partner not some ritchie Rich.

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omg that must have been sooo embarrassing. I have been there before :flushed:

I hate Kanye lmao

to re-edit a poetic quote, “eyes misty ogling [wallet] with childlike wonder”

lol lol. the actual whole poem was quite awkw- different than what I’m used to reading

wonder if this one will turn on the ladies ?

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Maybe they are checking out both LOL what a pain they put us men through this lOL

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You have no proof she’s not looking at both :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

guess who bought you that milkshake?

lol lol just kidding.

replace the word “milkshake” with "wallet."
that’s this thread.

I keep my wallet in my front pocket… harder to steal… and I don’t have to sit on it…