It must be hard living with sz

I had a sleep paralysis that was close to sz cuz I was hearing voices of baby’s crying and I got scared and started to pray and they started laughing man was that scary and to live with that everyday how do u guys do it

You don’t have schizophrenia?

I don’t understand.

No I’m psychotic but I had a sleep paralysis that I thought was real life couldn’t even tell


Sleep paralysis is very scary.

I’ve had it a few times and it never gets less terrifying.

Yeah first time having it like that tho

Usually like this: :unamused:

But lots of times like this: :expressionless:

Right now: :innocent:


I’ve never had sleep paralysis. My mom and aunt did, before they were getting married. They grew up when sleep paralysis was called being ridden by a witch and considered a bad omen.

Thank goodness we have science and can figure out what things actually are

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U see when I just had a glimpse I was like😖

That’s hectic 123456

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