It might be 'out there' to think so

A long time ago when I heard a voice that sounded like my mothers voice,I tend to think now it was her higher self.

She called to me very lovingly when I was in a dark place, but a larger part of me disbelieved it even though I was welcome to such an experience. Because of that its like I cut myself off to it.

It’s just one of those ‘wild beliefs’ that not many people in this world will get.

That’s fine… I get it.

I don’t need to be accused of being ‘crazy’ for something that doesn’t even hurt anyone. I take care of myself to the best of my abilities and am fine for the most part.

It’s not until people start being forceful against such ideas that I can get defensive and put in a dark place again.

So chill out. We’re all in different places in our understanding about things and you can’t honestly pretend to know everything yourself to say what IS and what isn’t.

I could say I’ve felt or heard other presences too, but in no way do I find that ‘debilitating’ to be considered a ‘disease’. That’s a matter of personal perspective/opinion. And again, you’d be coming from a place of pretending to ‘know everything’.

It’s just a feeling. And there’s nothing wrong with feelings.

Far too many people are too rigid with their thinking minds and it can make you especially egotistical and arrogant. It doesn’t feel good. So I don’t know why people even go that route for long… It hurts you more down the road than being open and relaxed.

Check out an old “poem” of mine :

Oooooooh. Wanna bet?

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I already know you know everything (wait how could I?..).

You gotta be patient and forgiving to the rest of us, yo. lol

Not everything. Just the INTERESTING things.


I can relate. My mother was highly abusive to me when I was a child. One of the voices I started hearing was hers but it wasn’t the dark women who beat me or starved me. No, the voice was kind, explaining why I had to go through what I did. It told me how sorry it was to have inflicted such pain. Personally, I like to call that the “Dream” version of my mother. Some part of her subconscious that actually cares and feels guilt. A part that she accesses while she’s sleeping. That voice guided me a lot when I was homeless. It helped me not feel such pain. What’s so wrong with that? It’s how I finally came to terms with my abuse and how I can now talk to my mother (limited time frame).

I personally believe that if a voice is a positive in an individuals life, that is to say it doesn’t negatively effect the one who hears it or those around them it shouldn’t be avoided. To me it is a healthy voice, a way that my brain developed to overcome the trauma.

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That’s funny, because one of the voices I hear is also my mother’s, and she had told me before that she is my mother’s higher self speaking to me from a higher/parallel dimension, too.


I wish I could hear my mother’s voice. She’s been dead for 30 years. Mommy why did you leave me so alone

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