It makes me feel sick

I just realized something a minute ago. I had a coin collection that I started when I was in sixth grade. Through all my many moves I still kept the coin collection. I was reading an article online about how certain coins in your pocket could be worth a lot of money.

The article made me realize that in the last private home I lived in, I left my coin collection there. When I moved in they let me store three boxes in a shed. I left on bad terms and I got only one box back. It just dawned on me what was in the missing boxes.

I had two complete sets of all those state quarters that came out around 1978-82. I also had a collection of pennies, some from like the 1920’s and 1930’s. I had several “proof” sets of coins including the entire set of coins that commemorated the bi-centennial way back in 1976. I had other coins too that might have been valuable.

I got asked to leave from that house in 2015 and I had completely forgot that I owned those coins until literally five minutes ago. I can’t get those back. It makes me feel sick.

Sorry to hear that. I can imagine how you feel. Don’t beat yourself up over it though.

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that sucks =/ 151515

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