It is what it is

Some days I hate having this affliction. Others I find myself in bout of Mania Laughing it up. (I really do).

Ugh. I put things off to much. I’m going to set goals.

for one, begin the exercise again after September.
I cannot believe I’ve been putting it off I had been doing very well.
I stopped and within a couple weeks I was in the hospital.
YIKES. at the same time…

I ask… Am I OK right now. Answer is Yes probably. Sometimes, even that simple answer makes me feel Crazy. But what other answers are valid or appropriate. “Of Course”


I was doing so well in June and July, I thought my sza was finally under control and I’d never need hospital again

Come end of August the stress half killed me and I landed up self harming and in hospital

There’s no guarantees with schiz!

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I like your idea about making some goals. Even if they’re small goals, accomplishing them will make you feel good, and rightfully so


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