It is the early morning and quiet

It is very peaceful
no sounds, no cars
just quietness
not even music playing
just me with a cup of coffee
waiting to see the sunrise
later in this morning
and to have my morning walk
before that reading your posts
have a nice day.


very nice.

Earlier today, after of got out of the hospital, finally fnished with my psych eval…I went out into the woods. the snow is finally gone, and some ferns have started to pop up. I found a really nice spot and sat on a stump for a few hours. didn’t even realize how much time had passed until my GF called and asked where I was.

I met some new wildlife friends while out there. a couple squirrels who ate carrot sticks out of my hand and a very cute raccoon, very big, a female, I know because she rolled onto her back while eating the carrot stick. She was very plump and the fur around her teats was pulled out, so she should be giving birth soon. There were also some rabbits, but they didn’t get too close. Hopefully as time goes by and I go out into the woods more they will come to trust me.

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That’s neat that the animals came so close to you. My guess is that the squirrels will tame too. Maybe they don’t eat carrots. Bring some peanuts next time?

Maybe you’ll get to see the young raccoons.