It is so quiet here

I think America is sleeping ??? :smile:


Yes, they’re sleeping. Europe is awake now


I just come back from a walk. Its 7.30 pm here and its getting dark at 8 pm. Still got left overs from Christmas. Cheeses, dips and chocolates.

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Australia is getting ready for Saturday night.:sweat_smile:

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I’m awake, in the US

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730 PM? That’s so cool!

Its been dead round here all day . Not a soul. Seagulls arnt even screeching - think they bogged off to somewhere warmer. Its exactly how i like it.

8 am here in NY USA.

Do you have snow there in NY? It has been snowing all day here.

We have snow on the ground. Had a storm before xmas. Last night our area of the state go freezing rain, snow, and ice.

Somehow I do not like the winter because of all snow. I can not ride my bicycle and can not visit the town. Gladly I have two grocery stores, one pharmacy and some other services such as the hospital including the psych clinic near where I live. We have not had very cold yet, but it typically is very freezing in the mid of January.


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