It is so peaceful tonight

I feel that I am in total peace tonight, it is so peaceful.


Glad to hear you’re at peace @mjseu


I like it when it is so peaceful. Normally I would be sleeping, but not tonight. It is a warm summer night and I have my window open so that I would get cooler air. I just feel quite good tonight. There is an occasional car driving and birds are singing. I need to enjoy this summer after the cold long winter. I just feel so peaceful and calm.

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I saw this Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah on TV when I was at the psych ward years ago. He is a good singer. I had to check if he is still alive and seems that he died in 2016. He was born in 1934, the same year when my father was born. My father died in 2018.

Thanks for song

I absolutely love that song!

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