It is Saturday

What are you doing today
I am sitting on butt all day waiting for gas man to come and fix the sink


Hi, there. I’m listening to the Chinese pop songs and having a cup of drink. Today is less productive due to bad anxiety and headache from the overdose of VB6. Hopefully this will pass and I will be productive tomorrow.

I’m hoping to get out, have a cup of coffee and do a few errands.

Me also got anxiety

I did a bit research on Lion’s mane mushroom extracts. A lot of customer reviews said it helped with depression, anxiety and short span of attention. I ordered some today on iHerb. Hope it works for me.

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I really hope It works for you @green5
Let me know how you get on then I might try it
I hope it doesn’t interfere with schizophrenia medication

Yes, I will PM you after I have tried lion’s mane for a period of time. Hope my experience will be useful to you.

Thanks and good luck

I woke up early today, did my morning routines and went to ride my bicycle, then I ate and rode my bicycle again. In the morning it felt as autumn was here already. Now the sun is shining.

My husband is off work today (he works three Saturdays of each month), so we are going to our favorite restaurant for lunch. I get my beloved southwest tofu wrap with fruit salad. Then we are going grocery shopping for the week.

I guess that’s not too exciting. Been looking forward to the wrap all week though. I don’t eat an entire block of tofu fast enough to buy one at the grocery store, so I like going out for it. I love tofu!

I hope you have a great day!

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