It is really weird sometimes

Some time ago I took my old PC from 1997 that is full of all kinds of information that I collected in America in the 1990s, for example it has many databases such as one database that has the call records of thousands of calls that were made during many years. This database is a password protected database and I did not remember the password immediately and my paper notes are placed in another place, but then almost as an artifical intelligence came and said this password to me using the voice of some other person. Sometimes it can be so weird, and I was able to access this database after 17 years.


good luck j…!!!

You know voices can be so weird sometimes, in this case this voice was very helpful… this database has the call records of over 5200 calls that were made during few years in the 1990s in America, all calls and discussions were recorded in this database, but seriously voices can be so strange …

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never heard any voice in my lifetime …!!!

In the 1990s my life in America was quite different. For example, I called many international executives each day and all these conversations were typed, (so recorded) into my self-developed database and each conversation was ranked using certain criterion and also this info was saved in this database. Even follow-up calls were planned after each call. People with whom I talked were in many positions of power in many international corporations. My life in America in the 1990s was very international as I have written down in my notebooks. At least I have good memories.