It is possible

I have rang about a job working two mornings a week paid. I will go in and pick up application form
It is admin job
I have been doing volunteer work for few years now
Fingers crossed
Anyone else looking for job?


I can’t get a job because of my criminal record. Even if I got one I would lose it soon enough, I can’t concentrate, can’t remember things, and then I have a mood episode or psychotic episode or God knows what and I frak things up.

Are u on lithium …!!! Cause i guess i need one my diagnosis is still complicated…!!!

Effective ways to raise our self esteem …!!! I am trying to volunteer soon …!!

Good luck with volunteer far cry
Start small

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You have always struck me as very capable, @shellys12. I hope you get that job. There’s no question that you can do it!

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Thanks hedgehog :blush:

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