It is one quiet night

I have been writing my diary entries, it is nice and quiet, no cars or other vehicles, sometimes I write many pages, 10 pages or more a day, I started writing my notebook entries 20 years ago in America and I have been continuing writing nearly every day. Today I write mostly in Finnish, but a few pages are also in English.

I tried to write a poem, but nothing came to my mind, just that the world is constantly evolving and changing and new events happen every day.


I like this song, but there is a sad story. 10 years ago one young 21-year old beautiful woman sang this song, but then she died to alcohol and meds half a year later, this was very sad. She had the whole life ahead of her.

hey @mjseu i tried writing in a journal or blog as they say but i just cant keep it up :frowning: wish i could but this forum is as far as i can stretch that way, i like the 3 positives thread the best although it seems to be going out of fashion for some reason, we follow trends i guess, i cant argue with that forever revolving door lol

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I suppose it takes some effort to continue writing, but after writing 20 years it has become a part of my life. I have tens of notebooks, it is good to write about emotions and feelings, observations and maybe some news stories such as Venezuela today, I could not imagine my life without writing.

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i dont see the point sometimes, i wonder who would read it, i am not that special that people are going to read what i’ve been doing, i do facebook and twitter though but thats easier bc i dont need to type as much i guess.

Writing can be very therapeutic, I like Twitter too, no Facebook. I suppose I am writing to myself, well I am now 52 in this year and if I live over 30 years still, I’ll have tens and tens of notebooks more. I prefer paper notebooks, because I can see my handwriting.

i just don’t see the point but if it makes you feel good then why not, i like to express my views on twitter and try and build my following, it is alot more simple than a blog and i am passionate about lots of things so i can express my views to an audience and hopefully make a difference some how.

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It’s a pretty quiet night here as well.

That’s good that you keep journals and diaries.

I tend to write more poems and songs.

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