It is one of those nights

I can not sleep. It is so warm that I am sweating all the time. My pillow is always wet. In addition to heat I have backache and aching knees. Today may be the hotest day of this summer and temperature may go up to 34 C. It is 2:17 am and I have not slept anything yet.

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I have central air conditioning and my mom turned it off cause she was cold, last night I was hot and couldn’t sleep so I turned it back on so I know what it’s like to be hot and can’t sleep, it sucks!

I do have a suggestion, you can buy mini air conditioners that are good for 1 room, If you can afford one get one for your bedroom. Here is one I found on Amazon but shop around and see what you can find.

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It is still 32 C inside, but I got some painkillers and I was able to sleep.

It’s hot here we’re still waiting on ac people. Stay cool.

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