It is OK to be single and childless

You gained some experience from that hard work and yes, a relationsip does take hard work from both people.

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If it makes u happy then I don’t see why not

I’m happy to never have kids

Right now college age.

And what if you are unhappy being single and childless?

Oh, I thought they would be infants or toddlers. My bad.

Those things happen.

It’s unfortunate

But that can b life

Very true. Maybe it’s fate that a majority of schizophrenics stay single and childless. I don’t know the statistical data to back up my statement but I would guess this outcome is true.

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Also my uncle’s friend is 58 y.o. and never had a relationship and he doesn’t want to. He says its a waste of time lol
He works as a programmer for the government in France and makes over 500 000€/year. He worked at Microsoft and shaked the hand of Bill Gates. He worked in making Windows 7. He left MS because they didn’t pay him more than 300 000$/year. He brought me with my friends to an expensive restaurent and an expensive cinema, he paid for all of us. I have never seen someone as happy as him, he always smiles.

Many of my family members never had relationships or had kids and some died happily that way. My aunt had many mens who asker her parents for marriage but she refused, she’s now over 60.

@Aziz Well, those are your relatives but how about yourself as a schizophrenic? Are you happy being single and childless?

I did read that most of SZs are single in some studies but also some healthy ppl don’t want relationships.

For sure, there are surely some normal healthy people who are quite content being single and childless.

I had a gf before my SZ, she wanted to get pregnant by stopping her pills, I refused because I was young. I am happy now that I didn’t have a child because I am SZ now and I can’t work or have disability money. Also I don’t want to take the risk of having a likely SZ child.

My cousin is 45, female,

Single and childless.

She appears very happy, very career focused.

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She left me because of my symptoms and because I stayed a long time in mental hospital.
I can’t work or have disability money now so having a gf now is a no.

Every schizophrenic is going to have a different life and life choices. You have yours and I have mine. Do you sometimes regret making certain decisions in your past that might have lead you to be with someone and with a child?

That is unfortunate of a story. Maybe you want to change things around or let your ways be how they currently are now.

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No because how can I build a family without money? I can’t work or have disability money, I live with my parents and we are happy together.

Career focused? As in what type of job?

She’s an actor,


Well then, get a job and earn some income if you want to build a family. What will happen to you when your parents are gone?

@anon54386108 Oh. Just curious to know. I thought she would be some supervisor or manager with a business career or something. That’s good for her. We all make different choices.