It is OK to be single and childless

It is OK to be single and childless


Some people even do it by choice.

Part of me wants to get a girlfriend and settle down and part of me wants to get a good job and go hiking all around the world. The ideal situation would be to find a girl that would do both with me, but then again maybe it would be like asking for a million dollars.

Lots of girls would like to go hiking around the world! It’s not too much to ask. But you need the job to help support yourself while hiking

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Well hopefully I am going uni soon so I have an alright chance. I know it is not everyone who would hike long distance trails though.

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No, not everyone. But there are definitely women who would love that

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Its completely normal. Ppl without relationships are as happy and smart as ppl with relationships.

I know very rich ppl that don’t want relationships.
Woomen and men. Some died without relationships and they were happy.

I was insensitive to my loneliness. Now that I realize I’m lonely, I’m too old. That’s just my tough luck.

Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft with Bill Gates died single and childless yet he was very wealthy. Paul Allen spent and donated a lot of his wealth on quite a few unpromising startups.


I’m 50, single,childless and extremely happy about that.


Would you rather not have a significant person in your life since being lonely is quite saddening. The sense of touch of another human being.

My Uncle and Brother are both childless bachelors who lead happy productive lives.

Can you elaborate on productive lives?

Their work fulfills them for the most part I guess.

It is ok to be single and childless but I like taking care of my nieces and nephews maybe be taking them Las Vegas someday.

How about when they are off work and on their downtime. Are they happy then?

How old are they?

That’s a good question.

I Ijust know that my brother told me he was too selfish of his own time to ever engage in a steady relationship with a woman. It wouldn’t be fair to her.

Selfish for his own time and doing that wouldn’t be fair to her?

Usually if a man is interested in a woman, he will make the time for her.

My brother is an eccentric cat…I’ll give you that.

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I’ve had plenty of relationships and learned that for me it was just a lot of hard work for nothing.

Like I said, I’m extremely happy about being single!