It is hard to stay on top of it

I’m taking a lot of meds from a lot of different doctors, and it is hard to stay on top of it.


Hey jayster. Your on invega injection I think right. It’s probably hard to take the rest because of timing right? I’m on it invega injection and I take Synthroid for my underactive thyroid But in I’m not supposed to take it with dairy. So my mornings are I mess it up sometimes with no bubble pack because I can’t remember if I took it basically. Just the nature of my brain now.

I thought I remembered that you were on invega. Nice to hear from a fellow inveganer

Try the Medisafe app on your phone. It’s an alarm that reminds you of what to take when. I use it and like it.

Although, I have a big box I keep my meds in. I have an meds in one place, pm meds in one place, and both am and pm meds in another part of the case.

So for me, I just entered “am meds” and pm meds in the app. The alarm goes off and reminds me to take them. I can even snooze the alarm if I can’t take my meds right away.

Well I just have the Synthroid in the morning. It’s just one pill. But I’ll let my mother know about the app thanks

My antipsychotic meds are Trilafon (Perphenazine) and Seroquel (Quetiapine). From another doctor, I get a shot once every six months of Proloia (for my bones).

And there is much more I take in the way of pills. They only let me fill my 30 day scripts every 28 days, and so I’m almost running out unless I pay strict attention. Today I went in to pick up my 8 MG Trilafon, and they told me they don’t have them today, but I can get them tomorrow afternoon.

The trip to the pharmacy is a bit, too.

It is hard to stay on top of it.