It is funny how music likes change over time

In the past I have not really listened Elvis so much, but nowadays being older I enjoy listening his songs.

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The King.
Elvis the Pelvis.

Pretty Much ,

As I Become A Fan Of A Song ,

I Become A Fan Of Tha Artist , (Artists)

and I Hold Tite and Never Change ,

I Change , Myself As I , Change ,

But Theres Thus Innocence Within Tha First Note From That Song (Time Period) ,

and I Nvr Let Go ,

So Once I’m A Fan ,

I’m A Fan FOR LIFE .

“It is funny how music likes change over time.”

True of popular music … of classical music, not so much.

Haven’t really heard much elvis. Would like too though.


I’ve noticed a new group. Ereb Altor. It’s metal/black metal. The song Midsommarblot is amazing. It’s about midsummer feast as Vikings.

The rest of their songs aren’t as good. But maybe I’ll find another great song if I keep listening to them.