It is another Friday evening

Although there have been some negative news, but then there are some positive news too, I had my blood and urine tests and these were good, then I went to the eye doc and my eye pressures were good.

I have my typical Friday evening, eating, taking meds and going to sleep early, it is my routine I have followed for many years.


I used to go out and get drunk on Fridays after work when I was younger, and spend the weekend with a hangover. I’m glad I’m sober now.


i always find it difficult to maintain routine…!!!
happy u are doing it ez…!! keep it up bro…!!!

Have you ever tried something new? Like going out for dinner maybe?

I like my routine, I do not want to go out for dinner. Tomorrow morning I wake up early and if the weather is good, I go riding my bicycle. It is getting cooler here where I am. Winter is coming.

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Your daily routine sounds really pleasant and relaxing. I always look forward to your photos from your early morning bike rides.

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