It is all about 'M'


I am start playing with nouns to memorize so that it would be easier for me to remember ‘who was I’ and ‘what I want’.
To my surprise, they all begin with ‘M’.

‘Who was I?’ ---- Microsoft Windows
I used to be a computer programmer and Microsoft’s fan.

‘Who am I?’ ---- Mental Health
This is the label that I would probably carry on for the rest of my life.

‘What I want?’ ---- Messiah’s Kingdom
As a Christian this is the only hope for mankind.

‘Where have I been the most?’ ---- Melbourne Airport
This is the only international city where I have been the most.
My motto: Think global. Go global.

Now start creating one for yourself.


Who was I----?

Who am I-----?

What I want----Truth

Where Have I been the most----In my Mind

My Motto—don’t kill yourself


Who was I----miserable

Who am I-----? making things

What I want----my identity

Where Have I been the most----Mary-land, Mary-ville, Mary-Frances’ road revisited

My Motto—More is just enough


Sounds funny but meaningful. That would mean endless loop…right?


The story of my life -


Who was I—happy, fun, thin, young. I used to laugh.

Who am I----nothing, no one, lethargic.

What I want----To have air and light back in my brain. To go out and not worry and just be happy.

Where Have I been the most----On my couch, in my apartment.

My Motto—Death solves all problems, no man, no problem.


Who was I----I was a sporty and average chatty person,and sometimes live in my own world

Who am I-----I am now a schizophrenic who is looking for some fun in sex and football

What I want----I want to play football and date or hookup

Where Have I been the most----My workplace and home

My Motto—Have fun but have control too