It is again my Friday evening

I am spending this Friday evening alone as I always do, I just had some Lipton’s Russian Earl Gray tea with some Spanish honey and soon I am going to watch a movie ‘Up in the air’ … then at 6 PM I take meds and start sleeping around at 8-9 PM to wake up early in the tomorrow morning …


I like that movie! That sounds like a nice evening, @mjseu. I hope you’re feeling more positive. :heart:

Learn to love yourself and then being alone isn’t half as bad. Enjoy your own company.

For me, I can’t be lonely if I choose to be alone, if you see what I mean.

All the best and enjoy the movie… :slight_smile:

Enjoy. “Up in the Air” is great especially if you like George Clooney

It was the good movie, I liked it. Soon will be my bedtime …

@barrister I just have to ask, are those your cats in your avatar?

No they aren’t my cats. I just love Sphynx cats and hope to adopt one.

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Beautiful kitty, love the black ones. Your daughter is a lucky girl. Be warned that the cat will be running your household soon. Does he/she have a name?

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Sounds like a good Friday night @mjseu .


His name is Tut, and he’s like another baby. He sleeps with us and suckles on my wife lol

Hah ha great name. Sphynxes are none to be very clingy.

Enjoy your Friday night mate. I’m having a few beers with some CBD hemp buds and listening to quality sound music. I’m a happy camper!!!:slight_smile: