It is a new day here already

The sun rises already before 5 am … had my morning walk, took a few pictures …


A new day here too with a new president Emanuel Macron. Not very optimistic for his presidency and my life in France.


French perfume is popular here y47

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New Day ! Had my shower had my coffee
I’ve got to check over my bicycle
I’m riding out to the Everglades
Check out the wildlife.


Are you living near Miami?

Yes a bit north of there
had to postphone my trip till this afternoon
had to use my spare tube
had a flat
Came home to get my other spare tubes
And eat lunch
I was half way there.

what’s a “tube”, @msdpdaad ? A tyre / wheel ?
Cause you said you “had a flat” I’m guessing you were talking about a flat tyre ?


The tube goes inside the bicycle tire Yes.

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