It is a beautiful day where I live, what is the weather like where you live

It is a beautiful day today, where I live. What time is it where you live, and is it a beautiful day where you live. It is 2:13 pm where I live.


It’s 1:13pm and it’s 88F and sunny.

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It’s 80F and sunny. Beautiful day!

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1:34 pm. Variably cloudy, and damp (previous rain) with warm conditions under a tropical air mass. For this area it’s a nice day temperature wise but not humidity or sky wise.

2:35pm, 80F and sunny.

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Cloudy warm 78F with a side of chocolate bars

oooh it just got warmer…weird…

2:39pm, around 80° F a little breeze…nice :sun_with_face:

It’s 11:44 and it’s so cold and cloudy 49 degrees, every once in awhile the sun peeks out, but a cloud overtakes. We have off and on showers. It’s supposed to get down to 33 degrees tonight, we could get snow.

21C is about 70F. This is my favourite temperature, not to hot or cold.


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