It has been a hot day

34 degrees C, very warm


I have a ice cold Freeway cola in my fridge …


where i’m from 34 degrees is like… winter

Can not complain about the weather, it is nice to have the warm summer, then in the winter it is much colder and snowy …

I suppose you are in some tropical country? Where?

I can’t say where but it’s hot here :slight_smile:

In my old life I visited many warm countries …

oo where?


Caribbean and elsewhere …

sounds cool!


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@YayaC is from … !!! Can u guess…!!!

He/she could be from Thailand, Saudi Arabia, an African nation … I can not guess

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I doubt he is from carribean…!!!

could be from Jamaica, Acapulco Mexico … or elsewhere

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U are cent% right…!!!

Yesterday i walked 1/4 mile to the library in just warm weather. By the time i got there i was sweating profusely and shaking. Sheesh. Warm weather and skunks do not mix. I better not have MS on top of sza.

It’s summer and I don’t like it. Breathing in hot humid air over a bridge

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